Man On A Mission EP (2018)

Vocal Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing and Mastering Engineer.

Subhas is an independent rap and hip-hop artist from Singapore. In his debut mixtape, Man On A Mission EP, Subhas grapples with the themes of materialism in hip-hop culture, the conditioning of his own masculinity, socio-political commentary, and a self-reflexive account of his own growing up story.

When Subhas approached me to produce his EP, I was a little apprehensive as rap and hip hop were not genres that I was particularly familiar with, both as a consumer and a producer. As such, I had to draw from a lot of references, provided by Subhas, to capture his musical vision. For this project, I produced and recorded Subhas' vocals for all five tracks. I also mixed and mastered four of the tracks (Bird$, Man On A Mission, Ana De Armas and Red Dot).