Overtime (2017)

Composer, Lyricist, Musical Director.

Overtime is an original musical about two best friends: Finch, an employee in the ministry of competency, and Alex, a playwright. Both of them dream of success. But while Finch's career is on the rise, Alex's writing has stagnated, creating friction between them. Overtime is an exploration of what it means to be competent in the struggle to balance passion, pragmatism and friendship.


One of the top Singapore musicals ever written.
— Dr. Kenneth Lyen (Musical Theatre Limited).
Professional, emotional and refreshing, Overtime is one of those new works that clearly deserves a life even after this weekend, simply for the chance for more audiences to catch this promising musical.
— Bakchormeeboy.

Overtime sprung forth from a car-ride conversation with my friend and playwright Myle Yan Tay (Yan). What began as a casual suggestion slowly grew into an ambitious and elaborate production, on a scale neither of us initially envisioned. The entire writing process took over a year, and Overtime was staged in Yale-NUS College in November 2017 to five sold-out audiences. Yan and I are currently re-writing the musical and hope to see Overtime on stage again in the near future.



Produced, mixed, and mastered by Nathaniel Mah. Special thanks to the Overtime band — Arjun Jayaraman (drums), Darren Lee (bass), Elwin Lim (electric guitar), Jaime Koh (acoustic guitar), Lee Ann Gie (piano), and Sun Woo Nam (violin) — for helping with the arrangements and the recordings.


Song list:

  1. Nine To Nine

  2. Scene One

  3. Nine To Nine (Reprise)

  4. If You Slip

  5. Lay It On Me

  6. Scene One (Reprise)

  7. Incompetent

  8. I Don't Date

  9. How Was Your Day?

  10. Unexpectedly

  11. I Deserve This

  12. Just A Little

  13. I Refuse

  14. Gold

  15. Found